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Sitting here in the afternoon sun in SW France, rural life progresses about me. Tractors are spreading muck over the fields causing a veritable stench. The rattle and rumble of machinery reminding me there are others living and working in the area. Very few tourists remain now, apart from the retirees eking out a few more weeks of warmer sunshine than the northern climes have to offer.

It looks like a new barn is being constructed at the local farm, so the muffled sound of distant diggers echos through the woodland at the top of the drive.

But we are ‘off’ at the crack of a sparrow’s fart.

Our house sitters have arrived and settled in. The dogs seem content and unconcerned but I know that as soon as ‘The Bag’ appears tomorrow morning, Ruby will be very stressed and upset. I’m trying not to think about it and will carry her treasured face throughout our adventure. Arnie will sport his usual slightly bewildered stare with his ridiculous ears pointing skyward. In less politically correct times I think he would have been regarded as a simpleton, but one with a truly warm and loving heart whose loyalty knows no bounds. They will both be disbelieving that we are leaving them and sulk for a few days.§§§§§.

The fridge is cleared out, bins emptied and toilet cleaned.

Duolingo is done. An-impressive-for-me 125 day streak to get me the most basic smattering of Spanish to at least make a respectful effort. I will have to start from day 1 if I continue after our return. Sigh!

Wordle is done too. Only a 16 day streak there and that was by the skin of my teeth. Perhaps will get Quordle done?

So as we will be out of contact for the following few weeks, I bid you adieu and thank you for reading the tosh that has been spewed out this far. Simon will be very happy the post is so short today - he ‘constructively criticised’ the length last time and I tended to agree. However, there was a lot to say and once I started, the floodgates were open.

Will be back soon. Hopefully.

If not, the family know where the wills are - that’s a first - and the dogs will be looked after.

Now for radio silence…

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Sep 16, 2023

Have a great time

Best wishes



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