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‘You know what really winds me up? Spiral staircases.’

Not so sure now about that one Simon although it sounded better this morning, love him. Bit of a morphine haze going on today so I’m going to be brief.

St Valentine roses greeted me cheerily yesterday. Thank you, my darling.

Well, the good news is it’s done. Spondylolisthesis and stenosis 0, Jill 1.

Back pain that has been so severe for the last year, worsening dramatically during the last two months, appears to have, dare I say it, gone. Of course there is wound pain, particularly so this evening as everything starts to truly come back to life. I’ve just had the last round of meds for the day so I’m hoping this will lessen in a short while.

And I’m walking about, have had the catheter out and the needle thingy out of my arm - stonkingly good veins apparently. Hopefully the rather revolting drain will come out tomorrow as lying on it, as I am doing so much of, isn’t much fun.

Generally feeling dog tired, pretty battered and bruised and certainly wasn’t expecting to have a blood transfusion. I guess that would explain why a four hour round trip to theatre turned into a six hour one.

Elegant I may not be in my brace and PJ’s but it is done. The hypnosis must have worked too as I was calm and able to communicate well in French for much of the pre- and post-op care. For that, I am so relieved.

In ten days the physio wants me to be walking an hour a day. I am so up for that. I’m not sure how much gardening my future holds however it feels like I’m getting my life back.

And the meteo is predicting 19 degrees centigrade here this weekend too.




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